ID 10079681 300x300 The Big Online Dream... Shattered!Many people enter the world of internet marketing thinking they are going to make quite a bit of money without having to really do that much work. You hear of these people who are making £20,000 a month and never work more than a couple of hours a week and it just seems to be easy peasy to make this happen. So you decide you want this too. After all, who wouldn’t want to earn a very nice amount of money without doing much at all, right? 

Unfortunately, those dreams are about to be shattered.

Dream 1 – Finding A Shiny Object

You start looking into how you’re going to make all this money with big dollar signs in your eyes and you get lucky very quickly – you find the product that is going to make you rich and as it doesn’t cost that much (who wouldn’t want to spend, say, £30 if you’re soon going to be making thousands!) so you buy it full of enthusiasm and expectation and can’t wait to see the money flowing into your account. After going through your product you’ll find that it wasn’t going to be that easy after all and it’s not going to be the quick way of making money that you thought it would be. But not to worry, you soon run into another product that promises the world, which you again buy. Unfortunately that one also fails to deliver quick riches but surely  the next one will be the right one! This cycle can go on forever. What you are suffering from in this case is The Shiny Object Syndrome. That is when you buy product after product hoping that one of them will be that magic button that is going to make you lots and lots of money. Of course, the only thing that is happening is that you are spending money rather than earning it.

Dream 2 – Quick And Easy

This is very much linked to the Shiny Object Syndrome – it is a common misconception when starting in internet marketing, that very little work is required to achieve success. It is just a fact of life that starting any kind of a business does indeed require time and effort – and plenty of it. If you set up a shop on the street, I can guarantee you will be working like a mad man to get your business first of all up and running and even harder to make it successful. Why would this be any different online? It’s a business all the same.

Even for those who understand right from the start that a lot of work will be required, it’s probably still going to come as a bit of a surprise how hard you really have to work. In fact, you will almost definitely have to work harder than you ever thought.

It’s also going to take you much longer than you ever imagined to make any money – and when you get there, you will be making much less money than you would have thought. This unfortunately is the reality that nearly all internet marketers are faced with. Yes sure, there are exceptions, but they are indeed exceptions. Some people win the lottery too. For the rest of us it will be plenty of sweat, blood and tears before we see any money at all coming in and it won’t be as much as we initially thought.

Dream 3 – It’s All About The Money

This is perhaps the most important thing to correct right from the start, especially if you have the misconceptions number 1 and 2. If your main aim is to make money for yourself, it will be very difficult to succeed. It has to be about other people. You simply must get out there with your first priority being to help others. Answer questions they have, offer solutions to their problems, go out of your way to provide them with help and advice. If you focus on this, the money will definitely follow. But it has to be others first and only then you. You have to get people to see you as a worthwhile person to listen to and as someone who they can trust. Otherwise they won’t be keen to part with their cash.

So What To Do?

The good thing is that once you overcome these three misconceptions and understand that they will remain as unrealistic dreams, then you can get to work. It is incredibly important to get yourself in the right frame of mind. The sooner you achieve this, the quicker you are on your way to running a successful online business.

You should always read and learn. Hang out on forums in your niche, read other people’s blogs and contribute to them and interact with people who are doing similar things to you. Learn from them and help them where you can. Definitely get a mentor if you can, that works as a bit of a short cut to figuring out what it is you should be doing – it’s the good old not having to reinvent the wheel when it’s already been invented.



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