Finally, phase 2 of my product creation progress report is here!

I’ve been a busy little bee recently, not just with creating my product but otherwise too. A while ago I decided I wanted to write a new report that I’m giving away for free here on my blog and on my squeeze page that I use for building my list. It had been in “work in progress” status for a while so now I finally decided to get my act together and just sit down, get writing and finish it. And it’s all done now, phew!

What’s Been Happening With Creating The Product?

Back to the actual product I’m creating as part of the Partnership To Success training programme I’m on. When writing my first post about creating my product I had selected my niche which is traffic generation and also started doing research on it and really just finding out about my niche as much as I can. Since then things have moved forward a bit.

Research. Well I did still do more research, I wanted to be fully equipped when the time comes to actually start writing. I spent a lot of time hanging out on forums and using the search functions to find out what kind of things people are asking about traffic and what sort of conversation it generates. I think I’ve got quite a bit of material from this now. Unsurprisingly, the most common question is “How can I drive more traffic to my site/blog/squeeze page?”. Answering this question is going to be the basis of my product.

I also read a few PLR reports in the name of research and got a good feel on what is currently out there and what kind of topics are generally covered. I will cover some of the same things (but of course in my own unique way!) but what I also really want to bring with my product is some of the perhaps more unusual ways of driving traffic – at least they seemed more unusual to me when I first started out. I think some of those methods are actual goldmines!

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Mind Map. I have mapped my product out using this amazing free mind mapping tool called FreeMind. It’s such a cool tool, it’s really easy to just note your trail of thought down as it happens. I’m not completely finished with my mind map yet so I think I will keep adding to it as things come to mind. In essence, I’m going to write the report on my product out using the structure I’ve come up with on the mind map. I really urge you to check this tool out, I’ve actually used it for something completely unrelated already as well.

Name. I have also named my product and registered a domain for it. It will be called Traffic Generation Goldmine. I also ordered professional graphics for it as that’s one thing I certainly can’t do myself! I can’t wait for my graphics to arrive, I’m sure they will be awesome!

What’s Happening Next?

Now that I’ve got the foundations laid out, it’s time to get to work!

Writing. This will be my main task for the next few weeks, I’m going to turn all my research and thoughts into words and write the report part of my product. This is a big one and will without a doubt mean some late nights but luckily I love writing and I’m really driven to make this product a good one. Needless to say, I’m going to write it myself from start to finish.

Format. I will also make a final call on the formats I’m going to have my product in. It will be multi-format but aside from the written report, I haven’t fully decided on it yet. Your input is more than welcome! Which format would you like the product to be in?

As always, any other tips are also more than welcome! icon smile My Product Creation Progress Report   Phase 2

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