Hey everyone,

Apologies for not writing much recently, I have been mostly doing this:

Lake 300x225 Back To Work With A Traffic Tip


I went to Finland for a couple of weeks to spend time with the family and catch up with some old friends. Was lovely to be back home and on holiday but it’s now time to get back to work – I’m itching to do some serious Internet Marketing!

In the coming weeks I’m going to get back on track with the Partnership To Success programme I am on. I hate to admit I’ve fallen behind on it a bit but luckily I have plenty of time now to catch up. The phase I’m yet to properly start on the course is product creation, which I’m really excited about. At the end of the day I want to create and market my own products so I’m going to be 100% focused on this part of the course. I have done something on it already though, I’ve decided what my first product is going to be about. But you’ll just have to wait to find out! icon smile Back To Work With A Traffic Tip

I also need to write and schedule a lot of new blog posts. Despite of the holiday mode I’ve been in, I’ve had some great ideas of topics I’m going to write about so stay tuned for that! Hopefully they will be helpful for many of you.

I’m also going to carry on driving traffic to this blog, I’m actually experimenting with something pretty awesome at the moment. My latest discovery is a page called JustRetweet. It’s a massive blogging alliance where users promote each other’s blog posts. You earn credits by promoting other people’s content and then can use this credit to upload links to your own posts which other users will then promote. It’s an fantastic way of driving traffic to your site but also works wonderfully when it comes to building relationships – and we all know they are vital in internet marketing.

Check back on here in the next few days, I should have some new stuff written by then.


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