ID 100124475 300x288 7 Ways To Get Backlinks To Your BlogIf you have a blog chances are you’re already aware of what backlinks are and why they are important. But in case you don’t know that much about them, a backlink – or an inbound link – is simply a hyperlink on another website that leads back to your website, blog or article. Backlinks are extremely important for the popularity of your blog for two main reasons: they bring you referral traffic and they have a positive effect on your SEO.

Here are a few ways you can make sure you get some quality backlinks to your site:

1. Quality Content

This is the basis of building any backlinks really. The idea is to create content that other people actually want to link to so you need to make sure you consistently share highly valuable quality content. Social media such as Twitter, Digg or Facebook are all about sharing so make sure you make it easy for your content to be shared. Social media alone can create tons of backlinks to your site.

2. Blog Commenting

This is probably my favourite way of creating backlinks. All you have to do is find  blogs that have content that is related to yours as obviously you want the traffic to be as targeted as possible. Then start reading the blog posts and leave valuable comments with your name and website link. A simple “nice post, thanks” will surely help in leaving a backlink to your site but I wouldn’t recommend you do this. Focus on leaving valuable and helpful comments and building relationships with others. You are much more likely to get traffic back to your site this way and it works wonders in building up your reputation as someone who knows what they’re talking about.

I would especially recommend commenting on blogs that use CommentLuv. Also, go get that plugin for yourself too if you haven’t yet! CommentLuv-enabled blogs show a link straight back to your most recent post under the comment you make. It’s obvious that this has a huge effect on traffic as the readers will see the title of your latest blog post before even looking at your site.

3. Guest Posting

Writing a guest post to a popular blog is a wonderful way of generating a nice amount of traffic to your site. There usually is an ‘about the author’ box on the guest post which is your chance to tell people a bit about yourself. A link to your site will also be provided of course. Guest posting is particularly effective because of the potentially huge audience you’ll be reaching if you post on a blog that already gets a lot of traffic. It’s also in the interest of the blog owner to promote the post so you won’t be the only one actively doing that. While this method requires more work from your part, it’s also probably the most effective way of getting backlinks.

4. Forum Posting

This is another way you can show people that you are worth listening to. Find popular forums in your niche and start posting and interacting with other users. Again, make sure you provide high-quality content that is helpful to others. Forums usually have a lot of people asking a lot of questions so here’s your chance to show off your expertise and build trust among your target market.

The way it works is that you add a link to your website in your signature that is displayed every time you post on the forum.

5. Linking To Other Blogs

Linking out to other blogs is a great way of building relationships and supporting your own content. As you link to other people’s blogs, they will get a pingback from it to their site, so they will get notified for it. A lot of the time they will also return the favour out of courtesy – make sure your content is worth it though.

6. Blogging Communities

I have to say I love blogging communities! I’m a very recent convert but I think these sites are just amazing. They offer some of the finest platforms for interacting with other bloggers and building relationships with them – and they also provide quality backlinks to your site. You can easily share your articles with the community and other users can then comment your article and give it a “thumbs up” which is a voting system used within these communities.

Some of my favourite blogging communities are BizSugar, Blog Engage and Blokube. Go check them out if you haven’t yet!

7. Internal Links

Don’t forget internal linking. If you have a blog post that has got a high ranking on Google, use it to build in links to other pages on your site. It still holds backlink value even though it’s coming from within the same website.

Over To You!

I’d love to hear your experiences. What are your favourite methods for getting backlinks? What hasn’t worked so well? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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